BNI: Business Network International

What is BNI?

BNI stands for Business Network International

BNI was founded by Ivan Misner in 1985 in the USA. It’s the World’s Largest Networking Organization for Referrals and has about 280,000 members in over 10,000 chapters throughout the world. BNI continues to deliver an unrivaled global business network. Its members shared approximately 11.5 million new customer recommendations in 2020, generating over $16.2 billion (USD) in income. BNI Online, a powerful and convenient platform that allows members to continue exchanging new client recommendations, is now being used by many BNI Chapters. Their Members are actively supported by regional, national, and worldwide BNI employees, who provide training, structure, and technology to ensure BNI Members’ continuous success.

Benefits of joining in BNI

1. Referral Work:

It will build long-term relationships with like-minded business experts, generate opportunities through referral marketing, and expand your business skills.

2. It grows Network

BNI is advantageous if you want to extend your business outside geographical limits because it is present in over 74 countries and may be used to collaborate.

3. Build-in relationship

Another advantage for established firms to join BNI is that they will be able to mingle with people from all walks of life and form relationships that will allow them to diversify into an entirely new endeavor.

4. Helps in personal growth

BNI is also valuable to persons who wish to improve their skills to improve their business, such as how to speak about their business, develop presentation abilities, and develop networking skills.

5. Get knowledge and experience:

You will have access to some fantastic training through BNI that you may use in your business.

6. Increase in revenue

Increased exposure to quality experts and their extended networks allows members to earn more money through referrals.

How and where to join BNI?

Visiting a chapter is the greatest way to learn more about BNI. You can get a feel for the atmosphere and format of a BNI meeting by attending a local chapter. It’s easy to get to know the members of the chapter’s business community. You can apply for a position at the meeting if the group is a suitable fit for your company and your business category is open.

You will be handed an application when you visit a chapter or core group.

However, there is some conditions/eligibility:

  1. Only one person per business specialty is accepted. So, if you’re a residential real estate agent and we already have one, we may either refer you to another Chapter or work with you to start one. Of course, if you work in commercial real estate, you might be eligible to join this chapter.
  2. References are requested on the application, and each chapter has a Membership Committee that conducts reference checks. Interviews are also included.
  3. Electronic membership applications are now available. To find a chapter to join, go to BNI’s Chapter Directory.

What to expect?

Visitors like you frequently attend Chapter meetings. Members are eager to see you and will go out of their way to make your visit enjoyable and productive. To make the most of your time, there is a proven agenda that is utilized all over the world.

How to start a BNI (Business Network International) Chapter?

Click here to know the Procedure to start a BNI Chapter.

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