How to do a one to one in BNI?

How to do a one to one (121) in BNI?

It’s a face-to-face encounter between two BNI members (or even prospective members) to improve their understanding and develop a stronger business partnership.

  • Your chapter may already have a goal or mandate, but one each week is the recommended minimum.
  • One-on-ones foster relationships, which in turn foster trust.
  • If you request the One-to-One, it is for the other person; if they request it, it is for you.
  • You can use the GAINS Profile and BNI One-to-One Planner, which we’ll go through in greater detail in January.
  • At the end of each One-to-One, come up with an action plan.
  • To establish deeper relationships, repeat the One-to-Ones with all members.

Why 121 meetings is important in BNI?

  • One-on-Ones means how you train your sales team to bring you sales and how you get trained to provide them referrals.
  • One-on-ones can help you become more visible and credible, as well as be profitable.
  • You’ll need to cultivate relationships with folks in your chapter before you can expect referrals.
  • Make the most of every chance to learn more about your fellow members and their businesses. The greater your relationship with each member, the more references you’ll be able to find for one another.

Tips to prepare for the BNI meeting?

  • We should schedule a one-on-one meeting with everyone in our chapter as soon as feasible, with members of our hub taking precedence.
  • Each one-on-one should take place at one of the members’ workplaces, followed by another one-on-one at the other’s workplace.
  • An organized and social One-to-One session is required. Your One-to-One will be more successful if you can find overlapping professional and personal interests.
  • If you request a One-to-One meeting, the meeting will be focused on the other person rather than on you.
  • You’re asking to learn how to refer that other person, not how to receive referrals. Giver comes before Gain.
  • Distribute the GAINS spreadsheet, also known as the GAINS Profile. Goals, Accomplishments, Interests, Networks, and Skills (GAINS).
  • Always keep in mind that a One-to-One is a long-term relationship. You should do another one-on-one meeting with all of the members.
  • Maintain your attention and make your one-on-ones a priority.

BNI One-on-one Dance card planner

  1. Download BNI-one-on-one-Dance-Card-Planner-worksheet
  2. Plan and conduct the meeting date and time according to the worksheet.
  3. Always keep originals of the worksheet whom you are going to meet next
  4. Keep it ready to fax or email if requires
  5. The worksheet contains the Member Bio Sheet, Contact Sphere Planning Worksheet, GAINS Worksheet and Last 10 Customers  worksheet.
  6. From the regular updates, you can increase your referrals.
  7. For further queries, contact (909) 608-7575

BNI Member Bio-Sheet

Download BNI-GAINS-profile-contact-sphere-customer-worksheet-member-bio sheet-one-on-one-business-strategy-meeting

It is nothing but you have to fill your personal details, profession, job type etc.

BNI GAINS Worksheet

In BNI, GAINS stands for Goals, Accomplishments, Interests, Networks, Skills

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