How to start a BNI (Business Network International) Chapter?

Procedure to start a BNI Chapter

1. Visit a chapter

First step is to contact and then plan a visit with a showcase chapter and contact a BNI support team with years of experience. They will be able to connect you with other business owners who have created BNI Chapters as well as introduce you to the staff that will guide you through the process of forming a chapter. Enter the details below.

2. Build a team

Then locate 5 to 10 well-connected, optimistic, well-liked, and well-respected experts that are interested in expanding their company. Each person will fill out an application for membership online. At this moment, no money is required.

3. Set up an informational meeting

Set up an informational meeting with your founding member team and an experienced BNI support staff member. You’ll learn how to invite people to the forthcoming discover BNI event during this meeting. The founding members will finish the application payment online after this meeting. This meeting can continue for approx. 30 to 1 hour.

4. BNI events

BNI events provide members with chances for Lifelong Learning and Relationship Development. It also grows referral network.

5. Core group

The Local BNI team may have already created a new BNI Chapter, and you can join them when they hold interest meetings or move to a “Core Group,” which is when the group meets regularly and is taking steps to become a BNI Chapter. The local BNI staff will greet everyone and walk them through the process of creating a BNI chapter.

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