What is BNI Dance Card Planner?

What is BNI Dance Card planner?

This Dancing Card Planner will assist you and your “dance partner(s)” in making the most of your Dance Card meeting. Plan and conduct your One-on-One Dance Card meetings with our One-on-One BNI Dance Card Planner. Original copies of your worksheets should be kept on hand to fax or email to the next person you’ll meet with.

The Member Bio Sheet, Contact Sphere Planning Worksheet, GAINS Worksheet, and Last 10 Customers Worksheet are among the worksheets you can use.

What is the procedure?

1. Set date and time

  • Make a meeting time at the office or at the restaurant. Meeting at your dancing partner’s office is preferable because you can learn more about their business.

2. Prepare Your Worksheets

  • Make sure you have your Dance Card Worksheets ready. The worksheets will assist you in sharing crucial information about your business and how to get referrals with your dance partner.

3. Exchange Information Before the Meeting

  • Before your appointment, send your dance partner your four worksheets through fax or email. Keep the originals ready if you’re meeting with a large group of people from your chapter, and fax or email them to the next person on your list a week ahead of time.

4. Bring Worksheets to One-on-One

  • Bring your faxed or emailed materials to your one-on-one appointment. Other materials that will assist you in helping each other can also be brought.

5. Meet your Dance partner

  • Meet with your dance partner and learn everything you can about referrals for them. Start by filling out the worksheets.

6. Commit and Agree on Goals

  • Make a long-term and short-term commitment to helping your dance partner with referrals.

Where will I get the gain worksheet?

You can check here.

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